The Most Comfortable Victoria Secret Period Panties


If you’re not familiar with the concept period panties aren’t a new idea However, they’ve become increasingly fashionable in the past decade. Victoria Secret period panties are made of special, leak-proof fabrics that absorb moisture and make you feel comfy without using disposable pads or Tampons. As per Victoria’s Secret’s website Victoria Secret period panties , those materials comprise the Nylon Spandex layer as well as three layers of fabric made of cotton and Spandex blend.

Panties for periods are usually considered to be environmentally friendly because they are reusable. Moreover, when you consider how costly one-use period items are, you’ll save yourself a significant amount of money over the long haul!

Victoria’s Secret recommends using the new PINK Period Panties as a backup for more arduous days, and as to be a “first line of defense” in the days of lighter weather. Although they can’t cut out the need for other products, they certainly reduce the amount required.

What Is Period Panties?

There are a variety of varieties of period clothing available. When you are looking for the one that is most suitable on your own, you might find period-proof underwear. Women who are menstrual can put on these garments to protect them during their period.

These breathable underwear have several layers of microfiber. They look just like normal underwear, but are designed to protect your skin, as they absorb blood from menstrual cycles.

The fabric used in period underwear is an evaporative fabric composed of thousands of filaments. The fibers absorb liquid and prevent it from getting onto your clothing. The outer layer is typically made up of the nylon fiber and Lycra and is coated with a liquid repellent film to safeguard you.

How to Use Period Panties ?

If you are beginning your period, you’ll wear period-specific underwear to collect the blood. Then, you’ll wear them as you would a normal pair of underwear.

It is essential to clean and change them at least once every 12 hours or as required. Some brands include an antimicrobial coating to remove any smell. However, replacing them regularly will help to keep you feeling fresh. The washing instructions for your pair will vary based on the manufacturer. Check the directions before you wash your pair.

Can you wear period panties all day?

This is contingent on the flow of your life, but period underwear is able to be worn throughout the day if you have the appropriate amount of absorbency you require. Many period underwear brands advise changing your underwear when you feel wet as this indicates it’s absorbed all the water it can.

As your period gets longer the amount of absorbency you need will alter. While you may require maximum absorption on the initial day, the following days could require a lesser amount of protection.

Like anything else new you should try your first period-wear underwear in your home. You’ll feel more relaxed and will be able to determine your feelings and whether you’d like to stop and go back to the way you were before.


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