What is moisture wicking underwear ?  


What is moisture wicking underwear?  

Moisture wicking underwear that wick moisture are constructed of special fabrics that pull water (such like sweat) away from your body instead of simply absorption.  

Imagine that you’re half way through a basketball match and you’re doing a great job. You’re up by three points in the game and have this one in the bag. However, you soon feel a mild itchy feeling that is initially little, but it becomes overwhelming. While exercising your pants become covered in sweat and begin to itch or chafe and create a mess, preventing you from playing. Everyone has been through it and it’s not pleasant. This is where moisture-wicking clothing is available. These are pants constructed of specially-designed fabrics to protect your delicate vagina.  

Instead of taking in the sweat, make you feel uncomfortable all day long, moisturizing panties bring the moisture up to the exterior of the fabric the same way candles draw wax from its wick to it’s fire (get the idea?). The sweat will evaporate faster, and keep your vagina fresh for a longer period of time.  

Panties that wick moisture aren’t only for sporting use also. There are some people who simply sweat more than others and that’s a simple fact. If you’re among those women, sweat-absorbing clothing can be a lifesaver.  

In the end, it must be mentioned that many of people sweat more going through your period. This is why we require  moisture-wicking underwear.  

Does moisture wicking underwear work? 

According dermatologist Dr. Geeta Yadav the wrong underwear option can create the perfect conditions for fungus and bacteria expand. “Bacteria thrives in damp, dark places and when sweaty moisture is trapped on the surface of your skin, this may trigger the growth of bacteria, ” she says. “In the bikini line this is particularly crucial. When the moisture isn’t able to go because of the tightness of your underwear or yoga pants which don’t breathe or evaporate moisture this can cause irritation as well as the spread of fungal or bacterial infections.” 

Gynecologist with board certification Dr. Christine Greves agrees. “Moisture-wicking clothing fabric is useful when there’s plenty of moisture and warmth and you’re unable to change your clothes immediately or take a shower.” she says. Greves is also aware that yeast infections can be caused by the combination of prolonged warmth and moisture which is why you’ll need to be extra cautious if you’re at risk of getting these. 



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