Find Vegetarian Recipes


Find Vegetarian Recipes

These simple vegetarian recipes are great for any occasion! You can find vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Pan Fajitas


There’s nothing more satisfying than a multitude of vegetarian recipes So here’s a brand new recipe that is a fan favorite: these incredible sheet-pan Fajitas! Everyone loves this recipe and everyone is a fan of it including those that are not meat-free. This is a great recipe for a delicious and delicious meal that everyone realizes it’s not meat! Simply roast plenty of vegetables on baking sheets and sprinkle with spices. Serve the dish with refried beans, as well as an easy and quick homemade Guacamole.

Chickpea Curry


Our goal is to make vegetarian recipes easy enough for beginners that you will eat only vegetables. This is evident in our chickpea curry! This curry is high in cumin, ginger, garlic, and cumin. To give the curry a creamy texture, coconut milk is used. This is a favorite vegetarian recipe and we recommend it to anyone looking to start cooking plant-based meals.

Falafel Burger


The Falafel Burger is our favorite vegetarian or vegan dinner recipe. Sometimes we don’t have the energy or time to make real falafel. It’s best to eat it as a burger! These can be made with canned chickpeas. This combination of cool cucumber sauce, cool chickpea patties and cumin- and coriander-scented chickpeas is simply amazing. This vegetarian and vegan meal recipe is a hit with everyone.

Easy Egg Tacos


Another easy and quick recipe for dinner Tacos in 5 minutes! Yes, you can cook tacos in just five minutes. The chorizo egg is a must-have filling, which is made of scramble eggs that are meaty and filling. Add hot sauce and salsa It’s a breeze. We love it as one of our favorite recipes for quick weeknight dinners and is one of our most popular simple vegetarian recipes for beginners.



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