Can You Get A Wax On Your Period ?


Each uterus owner has experienced at least once during their lives, an inconvenient period that shattered their plans. Perhaps a trip to Aunt Flo when you were on an island getaway left you with the impression with stained bikinis or your painful cramps made you miss the most important presentation and lay on the couch for the entire the day. Maybe, your unruly menstrual cycle caused you to delay your regular Brazilian shaving appointment.

There’s not a lot of the option to choose in the initial two events however, should you really delay an expert grooming service simply because it’s that time in the middle of your month? A professional waxer will answer the question ” can you get a wax on your period ? ” Once and for all.

Can you get a wax on your period ?

YES! Yes! Yes! You are able to have the Brazilian and bikini wax when you are going through your menstrual cycle. If you’re wearing a new menstrual cup, or tampon, with the string secured prior to the appointment. If you are surprised by a visit from your regular friend before your appointment or you are left without the freshest tampon you can switch into, please inform you Wax Pro or our front desk staff know and you’ll be provided with an unwrapped new tampon.

Do I get your wax in my cycle alter my experiences ?

There’s no change to the experience. You are guaranteed to receive the same five-star wax session you usually get at Depil Brazil. Each Wax Pro is thoroughly trained and knowledgeable. Likely, Bikini and Brazilian Waxes are among our most requested services. We provide thousands of body-wax services every month. Don’t worry that we’re completely at ease when it comes to waxing during menstrual cycles! Be aware that your body might be more sensitive during menstrual cycles, but the wax remains completely controllable.

Do I have to wait until I get an easier flow of the wax?

It’s entirely up to your personal preference. We’re happy to pamper you any day during the week every time in the calendar month. Some customers prefer to go to the bathroom before their appointment to change their Tampons. The bathroom also has personal toiletries that you can use for private use.

Can you get a bikini wax on your period ?

Whether you’re getting a bikini wax that involves taking out hairs that normally appear on a swimsuit’s bottom or Brazilian wax, which entails eliminating all pubic hair your period will not get in your way, according to Deidra Green she is a licensed and certified esthetician as well as a field training manager at the European Wax Center. “Yes, you can absolutely be waxed while on your menstrual cycle,” she declares. “If your skin is healthy and you can wear a tampon, then you can get waxed.”

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