Best Jewelry Box For Women


You’re looking for a way to ensure your jewelry is safe? Here are the best jewelry box for women any budget.

If there’s something I’ve learned from my decades of collecting jewelry is that you must have some kind of storage system to keep gold from getting scratched up, broken stones, tangled chains and sagging pearls. This is even more important as you accumulate more pieces since the possibility of loss as well as the possibility of one-half of a set being lost increases.

It’s the reason serious collectors have to come their own plans to distinguish their sacred treasures (like an old Christian Lacroix cross choker) from everyday items (estella bartlett’s jewellery box, Ana Luisas & Co.). I store my majority of jewelry — around 200 pieces or more — on a three-tiered pedestal as well as in various trinket trays and the smallest cabinet for curio. This lets me identify, for example where to put my the special-occasion shrimp earrings (a silver-plated tray on the table with an engraved drink ring). However, there are some that prefer an “all in one spot” option (think of celebrities wearing earrings “islands,” as seen in their closet shows). The best setup for you will depend on what you own. Make a list of the jewelry you own, go through the trays, boxes, and catchalls that are listed below, which were suggested for us by jeweler makers and professional organizers.

How do you choose the best jewelry box for women ?

Given the number of items people look for when buying a jewelry container, I conducted research on four categories: price material, design and size. The costs of all of these boxes vary from low-cost to high-end and everything in between , so that everyone with any budget will be able to purchase one. Materials are important for jewelry boxes as some individuals need security, especially in cases where the items you’ve got are expensive. Style is a key aspect because nobody has to sacrifice design for practicality. Also, size is important to make sure that the item you have is in its own space, yet is still able to accommodate any additional things you acquire as time passes.

How do you organize your jewelry?

There are many ways to organize your jewelry one of the simplest options is keeping the container or bag that your jewelry came in , and then store the jewelry inside it. If you don’t wish to do this then you’ll have to be mindful of in how you arrange everything to ensure that items don’t get lost.



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